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Welcome Back!

Coming Up:

  • Tonight, Thursday, Aug. 17th is Parent Orientation at 7pm. Join us at Use the passcode: ganathome.

  • Tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 18th is Back to School Day! Please bring your school supplies with you. You will get your carpool tags and school shirts today.

    • TGS: 9-10am

    • PK2: 10-11am

    • PK3: 11-12pm

    • PK4: 12:30-1:30pm

    • K: 1:30-2:30pm

  • Celebrate the start of a new school year at Playground Shabbat on Saturday morning, Aug. 19th from 10-12pm.

  • Monday, Aug. 21 is our first day of school! Carpool is from 8:45-9:00am. Half day pick up is from 12:15-12:30pm and full day pick up is from 2:45-3:00pm. If your child is in TGS or PK2 and is new to our school or would benefit from a slow start up we invite you to follow our slow start up schedule:

    • On the first day NEW TGS and PK2 children come for 1 hour from 9am-10am. You are welcome to hang around outside as your children discover their room, teacher and new friends.

    • On the second day the children come for 2 hours from 9am-11am.

    • On the third day your children stay all the way through lunch! We encourage you to treat yourself to a morning off (or perhaps take the time to run some errands).

  • Please pack lunch on Monday-Thursday this week. Every child will get pizza lunch on our first Friday (Aug. 25)

  • Hot lunch (, challah delivery ( and enrichment classes ( all begin on Aug. 28th (the second week of school)


  • Please complete and upload all of the required forms in the paperwork section of the Playground app.

  • Don't forget to add any and all guardians who will be dropping off or picking up your child(ren) from school. We will NOT release children to adults who are not listed as guardians in the app and who do not have the app to check children in and out. If your children will be carpooling with other Gan Sinai parents, please create those carpools in the Playground app.

  • You can find Amazon supply shopping lists at

From Rabbi David:

Earlier this week my youngest daughter and I went to Walmart to grab all of her new school supplies for her first year of high school. There's something strangely joyful about new pencils, paper and binders. As teachers, we feel that joy also when we're putting up new bulletin boards, putting out new toys and manipulatives, and setting up new cubbies for each of our students.

There's a sense of tremendous possibility in the air. Children are anticipating the friends they will make, the challenges they will face and overcome and the new skills they will master. Teachers are looking forward to new smiles filling their classrooms, new questions being asked and new adventures they had never imagined.

We are in such an exciting time: A time of new opportunities, new beginnings, new friends and new growth. Thank you for allowing us to share this time with your family. It is a tremendous honor and we can't wait to grow with you!

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