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VPK (Voluntary Prekindergarten)


Gan Sinai is proud to be a VPK provider. The State of Florida pays a VPK provider for 540 hours of instruction during the school year for each child enrolled in the program. Gan Sinai offers a full day “wrap-around” program, which includes instructional time over the state mandated hours. More detailed information about VPK is available at


As a VPK wrap-around program, tuition is NOT fully covered by the state. You will receive credits toward your tuition due of about $2400 over the course of the year. The remainder of tuition is your responsibility. The amount of credits you receive is based on your child's attendance at Gan Sinai. Each month we will send in our attendance records and they will issue the credits to us which we will then apply to your account.


When you begin the year you will have a balance due of your tuition. Each month you will make a payment toward that balance through auto ACH debit. When we receive the funds earmarked for your child we will credit that amount to your balance - like an additional payment. This means that your monthly payments will remain constant until your balance due is less than your monthly ACH debit amount. Please note that we don't receive the final VPK reimbursement until July so if your balance due is completely paid off we will just send you a check with the final VPK dispersement.


A VPK Certificate of Eligibility is required for enrollment. You are able to register online at Once you receive your certificate, please sign and date it and upload a picture it to the "Documents" section of the Playground app. We need your certificate so we can enter your VPK certificate number into our VPK portal so your child will be registered with VPK at our location. 


We also want you to be aware of the VPK Policies regarding attendance. 


Tardiness: Arrival for the VPK program is between 8:45 and 9:00 a.m. For those of you who use the carpool line, the PK4 teachers can sign your child in and out each day. The earliest time arrivals will be accepted in the classroom is 8:45 a.m. The instructional day starts at 9:00 a.m. and all children are expected to be in place and ready to start the day. If children have medical or dental appointments, please try to schedule them after 12:00 pm as not to interfere with the VPK attendance. 


Absences: Each child is allowed (3) absences per month. Any absences beyond those require a written note from the parent for one of the following reasons: 

  • Illness or injury of the child or the child’s family member which requires hospitalization or bed rest or a Physician or Dental appointment; 

  • Infectious disease or parasitic infestation; 

  • Funeral service, memorial service, or bereavement upon the death of the child’s family member;

  • Compliance with a court order (e.g. visitation, subpoena);

  • Special education or related services for the child’s disability; 

  • Observance of a religious holiday or service; 

  • Family vacation, not to exceed 5 excused absences per program year. 


Absences of 5 consecutive instructional days will be considered a withdrawal from the VPK program at Gan Sinai. Withdrawals from the VPK program will not be eligible for re-enrollment. Gan Sinai will allow one documented 5-day absence during the 180 day instructional period. Documentation must be submitted in advance, explain the reason for the 5-day absence, and be dated and signed by the child’s legal custodial adult.


Verifying your child’s attendance and absences

At the end of each month you will be given a form to review and confirm your child’s recorded attendance for the month. Your signature on this form is vital to securing your child’s place in VPK for the following month, as well as, ensuring that you receive your tuition credits properly from Miami-Dade County for our participation in the VPK program. 


Extenuating Circumstances:

If your child is unable to continue in the VPK program due to extended tardiness or multiple undocumented absences you are responsible for payment to Gan Sinai for the balance of the VPK payment.

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