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Street Signs

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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

We've all been talking all year about Israel and the threats and struggles she is facing. As we approach Israel's days of remembrance and independence I could write another post about that. Instead I want to talk about something different. I want to tell you how much I love Israeli street signs.

Here's the thing: There are plenty of special, even holy, things I could love about Israel - and I do. But I've spent my entire life as a rabbi celebrating the holy and the special: Mitzvot, holidays, Shabbat, Torah study and on and on. The street signs in Israel remind me that my Judaism isn't just about the holy and the special. It's also about the plain and mundane.

How? They're in Hebrew! Hebrew is everywhere in Israel. This language that I learned was "lashon kodesh" - a holy language, is also the language of bills, menus and - you guessed it - street signs.

This year, the street signs have taken on even deeper meaning for me. You see, street signs in Israel are not just in Hebrew. They are in three languages: Hebrew, English and Arabic. Even the street signs share our hopes for a day when we can all live beside one another in peace.

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