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Continue your child's learning journey in our Jewish, child-centered, play-based, family-focused early learning center on our majestic nature-rich campus.

24-25 enrollment

To enroll for the remainder of the 2023-2024 school year, please click here.

Meet Our Kindergarten Teacher, Ms. Karina

My name is Karina Duer. I am so excited to be coming back to the Sinai Family! This year on a new endeavor: I will be your child’s Kindergarten Teacher. I am a Florida certified Pre-K to 3rd grade teacher and have been an early childhood educator since 2002. I am originally from Argentina where I pursued my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. When I arrived in the United States, I got my equivalences in Early Childhood. Six years ago I moved to Elementary where I have worked in the public school system as a Kindergarten and First grade Teacher. I worked in Temple Sinai for several years carrying on a Judaic and Hebrew program I created, Torah Talk. This year, I am excited to have the chance to combine the best of both worlds: Early childhood and Elementary. I believe children should learn in a fun, creative and meaningful way. I consider myself rigorous yet loving and caring for each child’s educational and emotional needs.

Karen Duer.jpg

On a personal note, I am married and have two beautiful teenage daughters, Camila and Sophie. My hobbies are gardening, art and I am a big fan of Pilates! In short, I am committed to help each child flourish and develop his/her potential in the most enriching environment. I look forward to a wonderful new school year.


Tuition for Gan Sinai's new Kindergarten program is $18,750 for the 2024-2025 school year. This is less than any of the Jewish day schools in our area.

You may also be eligible to receive the Family Empowerment Scholarship which will reimburse you for $8,000 of your tuition costs!


At Temple Sinai we nurture fuller Jewish lives for all of our partners and that begins in Gan Sinai where Jewish values and traditions animate all of our learning and growing. We celebrate Shabbat each week, learn about and celebrate all of the Jewish holidays and make prayer a part of every day. 



As a child-centered program, it is vital that each child at Gan Sinai gets the attention they deserve. That's why, like all of our other classes, our Kindergarten program will only accept a small number of children to keep our teacher:student ratio low. 


Experts say children shouldn’t be sitting at desks, completing worksheets or listening to teachers talk for the majority of the time. An older, more extensive body of research suggests children should be playing both within lessons and between lessons, because that’s the best way for a 5-year-old to grasp difficult concepts, whether it’s working with a classmate or counting to 100. Inspired by this scholarship our Kindergarten program lets kids be kids and explore the world around them through play. Our children grow in early literacy and numeracy, scientific thinking, and all other educational areas in joyful, engaging and creative ways - designed explicitly for young learners.


Partnering with our parents, guardians  and families is critical to our students growth and success. We not only invite, but sincerely ask that you be active members of your child's educational team alongside our teachers and specialists.

Nature-Rich Environment

Gan Sinai is located at Temple Sinai in North Miami Beach on a 14 acre majestic wooded campus. We have a brand new playground, organic garden, butterfly garden, and engineering garden in addition to fields, our own swimming pool and a beautiful nature trail.

24-25 enrollment

Looking for our after school program, Club Sinai? Kindergarteners save 30% off of every package! Learn more at


We also have a Sunday school program called Sun Sinai to extend your child's Jewish learning and help them SHINE. Learn more at

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