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In these very difficult and troubling times for Israel and for the Jewish people, some of you have expressed concerns about the safety and security of you, your children, guests, and all those who are on our campus. Temple Sinai takes those concerns seriously. We wanted to remind you about our security measures and a few changes that have been made recently. Please know that we are available to answer your questions and other concerns.

Praying for Peace in the Land of Israel,

Rabbi Alan Litwak

Susan Warech, Director of Administration

Rabbi David Paskin, Director of Youth Education


Some Recent Changes:
  • Beginning July 1st, we have employed a new security company, Advanced Pro Security. The owner of the company served in the Israeli Defense Force and is an accomplished security professional with over 25 years of expertise in domestic and international security management.

  • At the beginning of the school year in August, we increased the number of guards on the property during the school day. We now have a dedicated guard at Gan Sinai every day during the week who is stationed to be able to guard the playground and perimeter.

  • In September we met with 4 officers from the Miami Dade Police Department to review security protocols. We are in constant communication with the department, and they have been extremely supportive of the Sinai staff and security professionals.

  • Prior to the war in Israel, we had scheduled for Miami Dade Police to do another walk through the campus, in order to assess any potential trouble spots.  They needed to reschedule, and we are coordinating with our security company to find a new date.  We will update you on the findings.

  • Since October 7th, we have paid for some additional Miami Dade Police to be on campus.  They have also generously donated additional time to make sure that we have an officer posted at our campus as much as possible. We have also had additional security guards from Advance Pro Security either manning the gates or doing a property check.

  • Since October 7th, we have fully closed one of the Gan Sinai gates during drop-off and pick-up and have kept the main gate largely closed during business hours.  This helps us further restrict access to our campus and we appreciate your patience as traffic will be slower.   


How Can You Help to Ensure a Safe Campus for Everyone

Below is What to Expect When Entering Temple Sinai Property, which is on the Gan Sinai website. Please follow printed and verbal instructions, be patient when entering the property, and allow the security guard to do his/her job.

  • During drop-off and pick-up, an Advance Pro Security guard will be stationed at the Early Childhood gate. The guard will check each vehicle entering the property for either a Temple Sinai sticker or a Gan Sinai issued card on your dashboard. This includes vehicles of grandparents, nannies, or friends who will be dropping off or picking up your child.  Please help us keep the carline moving by making sure that you have one or the other on your car. Advance Pro Security has been instructed to stop cars or anyone walking in without the proper sticker/card and ask for ID. The school office will be called for permission to allow you to enter the campus.

  • At other times during the day, you will need to enter the campus through the main gate. The Advance Pro Security guard or BridgePrep guard has been instructed to keep the main gate either ¾ of the way or fully closed during off times.  The golf cart and guard will be stationed in the middle of the entrance inside the gate, to stop every car coming in. Every car entering the campus needs to have either a TSND sticker, Gan Sinai dashboard card, or BridgePrep sticker to enter the property. All other vehicles will be stopped and asked for a picture ID. The respective synagogue or school offices will be called for permission to let the person on the campus. 

  • You can expect the security guard to be professional, courteous, and welcoming while ensuring that the campus remains a safe place for all. You can expect that the guard will not be on the phone or eating a meal and will make sure that his/her full attention is focused on the job they were hired to do

  • Please remember, if you are walking onto the campus, you will be required to show I.D. to the security guard and the school administration office will be contacted for permission to let you walk through.

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