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Dear Friends,


We are so excited welcome you to Gan Sinai. This page contains lots of important information so please read it carefully. You can click on the icons next to each section to take you right to that page. You can always find links to the most searched topics at


Famly App
The Famly app is our main tool for school communication. If you are new to our community, please download the app (iPhone or Android) to your phone or just go to and login with the credentials you set up when you received (or soon will receive) your account email.

Here's how to get set up in Famly:

  • After logging into the app, please click into your child’s profile and then click on the avatar above your child’s name. Upload your favorite picture of your little one. Next, click on the “About” tab. Please fill in all of the fields. You’ll want to do this under “Basic Info” and “Health”. You can ignore “Registration & Room Moves.” If any of your personal information such as cell phone or email changes, you can log in and update your information anytime you need to right from the app.

  • Next, please “X” out of “About” and update the “Contacts” tab. Please add, not only guardian names and information but also anyone you would like to be authorized to pick your child up. When you create a new contact you’ll be able to choose either “Parent”, “Family” or "Pickup". The “Family” option allows for family members to view photos and pick up your child. The "Pickup" option allows people to pick up your child. They won’t need to have the app. Please also upload your photo here and ask your other contacts to do the same so we can easily recognize everyone who may come to pick up your child.


That’s it. Now, you will receive instant information about your child’s growth and development. By using Famly, you will also receive all messages from teachers and the center in one centralized place including accident reports which you will be able to “sign” right on the app. You can adjust how you receive notifications by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner of the app and choosing “Your Settings'' and then “Notifications and Messaging”. You can always learn more about the Famly app at


Our school website is another great source for school and community information. Each week I will update our "Great Things" ( page with new information. Here you can find lots of helpful information and links to all of our sign-ups including, hot lunch, fundraisers, parent-teacher conferences and more. All of these links and more are also available at

Sign in/out

Each parent must sign their child in and out when dropping off and picking up. You do this right in the Famly app. Just click on your picture in the top right corner and choose "Sign in/out". You'll need to give the app location permissions the first time you sign in our out. Please note that you can only sign your children in and out when you are on campus. We use sign ins and outs for safety and for early and aftercare billing. We appreciate your help with this each day.

Mandatory Forms

According to the Department of Children and Families, before the beginning of the school year, each family should have access to: "Know Your Child Care Facility" (download) and the "Rilya Wilson Act" (download). We will need you to e-sign all of the other required forms at

Before the school year begins we need to ask you to submit the following:


  • All children are required to have medical forms (#680 and #3040) in their files before they can attend school. Forms are available in your pediatrician’s office. 

  • Each child must have a copy of their Birth Certificate in their school file. 


Please bring them to school on your first day or email them to


We have been working tirelessly to have a COVID policy in place that meets the needs of our children, staff, and parents. Upon discussion with parents, teachers, staff and members of our Covid Task Force, our Board of Trustees has revised our mask policy for Gan Sinai. This policy is not permanent and we will continue to monitor all recommendations made as the spread of this virus continues. Masks are optional in each classroom except for one PK4 class in which masks will be required. The full updated mask policy is as follows:


Facial masks for children 2 and older are one of the most important tools we have to stop the spread of COVID 19. 

  • Face masks may not be worn by children under 2 years old.
  • In all TGS, PK2 and PK3 classrooms face masks are optional and encouraged for all children 2 years and older.

  • In Ms. Lauren's PK4 classroom, face masks are optional and encouraged. 

  • In Ms. Stephanie's PK4 classroom, face masks are required for all children at all times when indoors except when eating.

  • All individuals age 2 and older are required to wear cloth or disposable face coverings when indoors but not in their classroom.

  • Staff members are required to wear facial coverings while indoors.


Along with the policy change regarding masks, we are asking for more diligence from you, our families. We are asking not to send children in with even the slightest sniffle or cough. We will be requiring more testing for absences or travel. We are asking people to refrain from large gatherings, playdates indoors with children from outside out of school. Please also note that classes will not be mixing to reduce any possible transmission of illness from one group to another. Unfortunately, at this time, parents are not allowed in the building during school hours.


We are trusting you to help us keep our school safe. Masks are always encouraged, and parents should continue to work with their children on using them, but they will not be forced on the child at school. The children should bring a mask each day for entry in and out of the building and for moving through the hallways.


Please take the time to review our full COVID precautions at These policies will need to be agreed to by each family. 


As always, we remain committed to protecting your children and our staff and look forward to a great school year. 


Class Placement

In placing children in classes, we have honored your requests regarding the wearing of masks. We have also done our best to honor any other teacher or placement requests you may have made. 



You can find an Amazon shopping list for the supplies you’ll need to bring into school below. 


On your child's first day, you will receive three carpool cards so you can easily access campus for drop off and pick up. You should also get a school shirt. Both the carpool signs and the shirt 

Hot Lunch

We are proud to offer a hot lunch option throughout the school year. Visit for the menu and to order. Orders for each week must be received by noon on the Sunday proceeding that week. 

Slow Start

To help our TGS and PK2 children transition into our program in the most comfortable way possible we begin the first week of school slowly.

  • On the first day TGS and PK2 children come for 1 hour from 9am-10am. You are welcome to hang around outside as your children discover their room, teacher and new friends.

  • On the second day the children come for 2 hours from 9am-11am.

  • On the third day your children stay all the way through lunch! We encourage you to treat yourself to a morning off (or perhaps take the time to run some errands). 


Attention PK4 parents: If you have not yet signed up for VPK, please do so. You can learn all about VPK at In order for you to receive the financial benefit I must receive your approved VPK certificate before school begins so I can enroll your child. Please email it to me at


Every Child Excels

The Every Child Excels initiative at Gan Sinai helps ensure that children have access to the finest physical, occupational, and speech therapists in a dedicated and familiar space within our facility at a subsidized cost. We are thrilled to be able to offer free Occupational and Speech screenings to all of our students. If you would like to schedule a screening for your child, please complete the appropriate form (linked above) and send it in to school with your child or email it to


Thank you!

If you have any questions at all, please check the Gan Sinai website at or reach out to me at Please check the Famly app regularly for ongoing communications and updates. If you need help getting set up with the app please let me know.


Here’s to a wonderful year of playing, learning, and growing together!