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Every Child Excels

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At Gan Sinai, our goal is to help every child excel. To accomplish this we are proud to introduce you to our ECEx: Every Child Excels initiative.

Children grow and develop at their own rate. Although some children walk and talk early, others may be delayed in learning certain skills. As early childhood educators, we are often the first to see children struggling to excel in these areas. We spend every waking moment working to ensure that each child receives the unique care, support and encouragement that they need. We also recognize that we, as early childhood educators, are but one part of the developmental team and that we depend on the support of other professionals to ensure that Every Child Excels.

Speech, physical, and occupational therapists can be vital professional members of a child's team. We have always done our best to coordinate and communicate with these professionals. But now, with the creation of ECEx at Gan Sinai, we are bringing all of the professionals dedicated to your child's development together under one roof and as part of one team to ensure that every child has the tools that they need to excel.

ECEx helps ensure that children who attend Gan Sinai have access to the finest physical, occupational, and speech therapists in a dedicated and familiar space within our facility at a subsidized cost.

"Every Child Excels has been a tremendous bonus working with children at Temple Sinai. As the owner of a therapy center where we provide OT and Speech services at a number of private schools all over Miami, one of the biggest obstacles is space and equipment. Thankfully, ECEx provides both and this leads to a therapeutic environment far more conducive to goal achievement with our clients. 

I have pushed for a number of my clients to look into this new program because of these advantages. It is a pleasure to work there."


Steven Sanford, The Children's Center for Therapy and Learning 

We are deeply grateful to the Barnett Family Foundation and the Sam Berman Charitable Foundation for making our Every Child Excels initiative possible.


We have identified some of the best therapists in our area to create a team that uses the ECEx space as their home base to provide outstanding care in a safe and convenient location for parents to bring their children. One of the unique features of our ECEx Team is that we work with therapists who are fluent in English, Spanish, and Hebrew to serve our diverse population.


Scroll down to meet the ECEx team.


Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we offer subsidies to families whose children would benefit from engaging in physical, occupational or speech therapy. Subsidies may be used for sessions with one of our outstanding ECEx approved therapists in our ECEx dedicated space.


Click here to request a subsidy.


We have a dedicated ECEx space in our facility for physical, occupational and speech therapy. We have outfitted our ECEx Space with many of the tools needed to support children including: Stairs and a slide, a platform swing, therapy balls, stepping stones, mats and more. This space is available to visiting therapists throughout the day.


With our therapeutic partners we are proud to offer free speech and occupational therapy screenings for all Gan Sinai children. Following your child’s screening, you will receive a confidential report from the therapists with the results and recommendations for a follow up Evaluation if needed. To schedule a screening please complete the Screening Authorization form in the "Paperwork" section of the Playground app.

To schedule a screening please complete the Screening Authorization form in the "Paperwork" section of the Playground app.

The Every Child Excels program at Temple Sinai has had a profound impact on my son Jack and our family.   Jack was struggling at his prior preschool,  he was crying every morning not to go to school and it broke my heart.  I learned about the ECEx program  by chance and immediately reached out to School director Rabbi David. Jack started the following week.  With the subsidy given in the ECEx program, I was able afford to increase the frequency of Jack’s OT and Speech and Language therapy.  Jack progressed more in the months he participated in the ECEx program than he did the entire year before at his prior school.  Beyond the subsidy, the dedicated room to therapy made the therapy more meaningful and productive.  Trying to do these therapies in school in the corner of a library or on the side in the class made Jack feel like an outcast.  With a dedicated room for therapies, Jack was free to explore, learn and progress with all of the tools he needed right in hand.  Words cannot express what the ECEx program has done for Jack.  I hope that when we get through the pandemic that Jack can continue to grow and catch up.  I would highly recommend this program to all parents, especially those that have child in need of the therapeutic Services offered. 

Gan Sinai Parent

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ECEx is proud to partner with some of the finest speech, physical, behavioral and occupational therapists in South Florida to help Every Child Excel! Click on each image below to meet our team members.

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