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Breaking the Mold

Coming Up:

  • School resumes on Monday, January 8. We're excited to welcome our new friends!

  • There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 15 for MLK day

  • Wednesday, January 17th is picture day for TGS and PK3

  • Thursday, January 18th is picture day for PK2, PK4 and K

  • Friday, January 19th is Ms. Gina's PK2 Family Shabbat

  • Saturday, January 20th is our next Playground Shabbat

  • Friday, January 26th is Ms. Shirley's PK2 Family Shabbat


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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

One of our moms recently got me really excited about a revolutionary new model of schooling called Acton Academy. You can visit their website ( if you'd like to learn more but in short it is built on the idea that children need to be in charge of their own learning journey and that, given the space, they can do just about anything.

I think what excites me most about the model is that Gan Sinai is built on some of the same core ideas - putting children at the center; letting children play and explore and allowing children to have some ownership over their own growth.

The overwhelming majority of our public and private schools may not want to acknowledge it or do anything about it but there is a desperate need for a reimagining of our education system. There are changes that need to be made up and down the system but also at a foundational and fundamental level. Schools, as they are, do not prepare our children for a future in which the answers are not nearly as important as the questions; creativity and grit are essential skills; and critical thinking is a basic job requirement.

If you are an education nerd like I am, you may want to learn more about Acton Academy. It inspired me!

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