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Wear it with Pride!

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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

Every Friday, when we all wear our green Gan Sinai t-shirts, I'm reminded of this week's Torah portion. Tetzaveh teaches us about the special clothing the High Priest would wear in the ancient Temple.

The clothes he wore had special significance. They were a reminder to him of his unique and sacred role and also to all of those who saw him - that he was associated with a sacred space and sacred work.

I feel the same way about wearing my Gan Sinai t-shirt or displaying one of our car magnets on the back of my car for that matter. When I see those familiar green and yellow colors I'm reminded of the important work I am blessed to engage in each day. I also hope that others see my shirt or my magnet and recognize that I am associated with a very special place that brings me great pride.

If you'd like a magnet for your car - just let me know!

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