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Watching Our Children Grow

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From Rabbi David

This past Monday my daughter video called me from Israel. She was on her base with the other girls in her course. I’ve talked to her often, of course, but on this day something happened that I hadn’t experienced before.

Ayelet took Ulpan Hebrew classes before she moved (the same classes I’m now taking). I knew she was learning a lot of Hebrew and I knew she had a solid base from years in Jewish Day schools. This past Monday though I heard her speak complete, fluent, Israeli Hebrew with her fellow soldiers.

I’m not sure why but it blew my mind. I knew she would be fluent but hearing my daughter speak Hebrew as if it were her native tongue really moved me in ways I didn’t expect.

Watching our children grow, learn, change and become their best selves is the most rewarding part of being a parent (and a teacher for that matter). What I’ve learned again this past week is that our children continue to surprise us long after they know all of their numbers and letters. And maybe even more important than my pride in my daughter’s accomplishments is how her growth has challenged me to keep growing and learning. I may be an old man but if my daughter can do it then so can I.

Maybe that’s an even greater blessing than watching our children grow - they help us do the same.

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