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The "Other" Promised Land


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From Rabbi David

The joke, when I lived up north (Boston), about south Florida was that it was the "other" Promised land: A safe place for Jews to move and live. It's hard to believe that in 2022 we, in our "other" Promised land, and around the country, are witnessing more and more anti-semitic acts.

At Gan Sinai, the first of our five core-values is "Jewish" and that's because we recognize how important it is for our children to be brought up proud of their Jewish identity. We strive every day to make Judaism joyful and meaningful so that our children will grow up secure in their identity and with strong ties to Jewish values and the Jewish community.

We are also deeply grateful for the diversity that makes up our community. We want our children to be proud of being Jewish, not because we are better, but because we are a unique part of the tapestry that makes up the American experiment.

Just as we celebrate each child as a unique individual who brings their own special gifts to our classroom communities - we also recognize that we are each part of a community with a shared heritage and set of values. Celebrating both our individuality and our universality is core to building a community built on love and compassion. As we do this we are, indeed, building a Promised land for all in our Temple Sinai family.

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