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If You Build It...

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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

A large portion of the book of Sh'mot (Exodus) - that we are currently reading in temple - is dedicated to the instructions for and the building of the Tabernacle, which was the portable Temple in the wilderness.

It's easy to get glossy-eyed when reading all of the details of this massive project in the Torah. When we step back though, there is something that always gets me about this narrative. There is so much diverse work that needs to be done that without a diverse population with unique abilities and passions - I doubt the Tabernacle would have ever been completed.

In fact, the name of this week's Torah portion really sums this up. It is called Terumah, which means "gift" or "offering." Not just the material goods that the people donated but also their unique abilities were a gift to the community and the project.

Our community, any community, is only as good as it's diversity. The fact that all of our children are different and unique makes anything possible.

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