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Being Thankful

Coming Up:

  • There is NO SCHOOL on Wednesday, Nov. 22 through Friday, Nov. 24. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Friday, December 8 is Ms. Anat's PK3 Family Shabbat at 9:45am in the sanctuary

  • Friday, December 15 is Ms. Esthers PK3 Family Shabbat at 9:45am in the sanctuary


  • Hot lunch orders for next week are due by Sunday at noon. Don't forget to check your prior orders and order hot lunch for next week (and the rest of the year) at

  • Please bear in mind that the new month of December begins on Friday so if you haven't ordered hot lunch for December your child will NOT get pizza on Friday. You can also now order for December, January and all of next semester if you'd like.

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From Rabbi David

Last week I saw for the first time a banana flower. Morah Nirit, our gardening teacher brought it to show the kids. It was really cool to see and even more cool to learn how bananas grow from it.

Yesterday, I spent seven hours picking avocados at Kibbutz Be'eri. I learned that the bumpy ones are haas avocados and Europeans like those. Israelis prefer the smooth ones.

I've been reminded, these past two weeks, to appreciate simple things like banana flowers and bumpy or smooth avocados. When our world seems to complicated and our minds are too busy with big, important things - maybe we would do well to seek out a banana or avocado tree and remind ourselves of all the little things that are definitely worth being thankful for.

Wishing you and yours a Thanksgiving filled with goodness and gratitude.

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