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School Uniforms

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  • Friday, March 29th is Ms. Esther's PK3 Family Shabbat


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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

I've never been a fan of school uniforms. I completely understand that uniforms level the "playing field" and certainly make it easier on parents when getting ready for school in the morning. To my mind, letting children have a say in what they want to wear gives them the opportunity to be expressive and creative.

In this week Torah portion, Pekudei, which is the last in the book of Sh'mot (Exodus) we read about how the High Priest's clothing was crafted for him. There wasn't much room for personal expression but the clothing he wore certainly expressed the significance and uniqueness of his role amongst the Israelite people.

Allowing children to express their own significance and uniqueness is something we strive to do every day here at Gan Sinai. Each of our children has unique gifts to share and we celebrate each and everyone of them.

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