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Joy to the World


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From Rabbi David

Joy to the World - It's not just a Christmas carol. In fact, joy is a really big deal in Judaism. Just last week, the Hebrew month of Adar began. There's a phrase we say when welcoming the month of Adar:

מי שנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה

Whoever welcomes the month of Adar is filled with joy!

At Gan Sinai we don't wait for Adar to be filled with joy. Whether we're learning something new, playing on the playground, sharing with a friend or washing Rabbi David's car - we find joy in every single moment.

Your children are a BIG part of my joy and the joy of all of our teachers. I'm sure you can relate: Something doesn't go the way you planned, you're having a bad day - and then one of our kiddos does something amazing and all the sudden - you find joy. Your children are like joy superheroes. Just when we need it - they are there to save the day.

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