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In the Beginning...


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From Rabbi David

In the beginning...Every year we read these words in parshat B'reisheet (the first portion in the Torah). Repeating these words every year is more than just telling and re-telling the same old story - it is the celebration of a recurring event that happens each year and, in fact, each day.

When the sun rises each morning, we are challenged to see that not as just a celestial body that has moved through space and time but as a Divine act of Creation. The sun is created and re-created for us each day, just as the moon, stars, seas, plants, and animals are.

We too, are re-created each day. Re-created with new possibilities and opportunities. "In the beginning" is a celebration of this moment - this, and every, new beginning. We are blessed to see this continuity of Creation each day in your children. Watching them grow in leaps and bounds reminds us that God is very much present in our world and working with us to create it

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