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Happy New Year!

Coming Up:

  • School is closed on Friday, April 19 for a Professional Development day

  • Our next Playground Shabbat is on Saturday, April 20 from 10am-12pm

  • School is closed for Passover from Monday, April 22 through Tuesday, April 30. School resumes on Wednesday, May 1.


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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

Next Tuesday is the Jewish New Year that you've never heard of. Technically there are four Jewish New Years and Tuesday is one of them - the first day of the month of Nissan.

It's not all that surprising that we would celebrate a new year as spring is springing all around us - the world is singing of new beginnings and re-birth. The colors of nature are becoming brighter and our gardens are blooming!

What a beautiful and important lesson this time of year teaches us - as busy as we are; with all of our work, learning, obligations and distractions - don't forget to see the new life that is growing all around us.

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