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Forty Years Ago

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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

Forty years ago, this Shabbat, I became a Bar Mitzvah. My party was not traditional to say the least. We lived on the campus of a big, prestigious private school where my father was the Head of Administration. That meant that we had a catering company at our disposal. Yes, my Bar Mitzvah was catered by a school cafeteria catering company. The party was held in our living room and our entertainment was a guy who played accordion and my grandmother on the piano.

Writing this now it sounds like a nightmare for a thirteen year old kid. Truth be told the party wasn't that important to me - I was much more interested in the service (I was that kid.) I really felt like it was a big deal to be invited up in front of the whole community to lead and teach.

That may be part of the reason why I love it when your kiddos come up during t'fillah to share a blessing or lead Hatikvah. I want them to feel the same sense of empowerment that I felt forty years ago. They have something to share and the courage to share it and that is worth celebrating!

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