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Finding Blessings in the Mess


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From Rabbi David

Tomorrow is a professional training day for our staff. We will be taking part in three sessions, one of which is "Finding Blessings in the Mess." I am hardwired to clean up messes. When I come home after a long day, the first thing I usually do is clean the dirty dishes in the sink and straighten up the house. I like things to be in their place. I am, most definitely, a type A personality.

I also, in my work with children, have come to appreciate the power and beauty of making a mess. There is something truly marvelous about a child exploring the world around them and having the freedom to get dirty and turn their perspectives upside down. Allowing children to make a marvelous mess teaches them that the most important questions do not have simple answers and that often, to make a discovery, learn new information or explore the world deeply and profoundly - we must be unafraid of the chaos that ensues.

As teachers and adults, even the slightest hint of messiness can signify disorder. It is vital for us to remember that throughout Jewish history, we have never taken the simple or clear path - our escape from Egypt, our journey to Israel, our entire history has been messy and complicated. When we embrace that "messiness" and learn from it we are able to become our best selves and journey forward in our quest to reach our Promised Land.

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