Playground Concept.jpg
Gan Sinai's New Playground
It's Official


We are so excited at our plans to completely re-imagine our outdoor play space! We have been working with an amazing architect and gathering insight from parents and teachers as we dream up this new sacred space.


Our new Gan Sinai playground is designed for your child with areas to encourage:


  • Bouncing

  • Building

  • Climbing

  • Collaborating

  • Counting

  • Crafting

  • Crawling

  • Creating

  • Digging

  • Discovering

  • Drawing

  • Engineering

  • Examining

  • Exploring

  • Feeling

  • Gathering

  • Growing

  • Hiding

  • Imagining


And it won't just be used during school. We're going to be having playground shabbats next year so the whole family can enjoy our new play space. Oh and these won't just be for current students, but for graduate families in kindergarten and first grade also as a part of JPaL, our Hebrew school program.

  • Investigating

  • Jumping

  • Listening

  • Music Making

  • Performing

  • Planting

  • Pretending

  • Reading

  • Resting

  • Riding

  • Running

  • Sharing

  • Singing

  • Sliding

  • Swinging

  • Talking

  • Trying

  • Tying

  • Walking

Let's Build This!


We hope every family will take part in building our new playground - at whatever level is comfortable for you. Whether you are a new family in TGS or a graduating family moving up to JPaL your partnership in bringing this play space to life is vital. We want all of us to have built this together.


We have been given a challenge - a matching grant. Every penny we raise between now and the end of the school year will be matched to help us build our playground. Please help us make the most of this amazing opportunity.

After a year of being apart, we have the opportunity to come together and create a space that will ensure families and children have a safe, stimulating, and engaging place to gather for years to come.