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What Do You Remember

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From Rabbi David

What do you remember from your childhood? Are there teachers you'll never forget? Experiences you can still remember?

This week is Shabbat Zachor - the Shabbat of remembering. In the context of this special Shabbat - the remembering is of something terrible that happened: Remember so it doesn't happen again or remember to forget this person's name so their memory will be erased from history.

We Jewish educators, and educators in general, are in the memory-making business. We want to help learners of all ages create sacred memories that they can carry with them throughout their lives. We understand that the impact from something we do or say may not be immediate but can have a lasting effect if that action or experience we help create becomes a memory.

At the end of a long day or even after a frustrating moment in my day I find it instructive to think about this Shabbat and the power of memory. What I say or do in this moment or the next may become a lasting memory for my child, my student, my friend or my partner. Approaching the choices I make as not only impactful in the moment but also far into the future challenges me to think broadly and deeply about how I treat others and the memories I help create.

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