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What Do You Remember


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From Rabbi David

What do you remember from preschool? I only have one memory - but that's probably because I'm old. I remember celebrating a day like our "Around the World" day and dressing up like I was from some foreign country.

I'm asking because this week is Shabbat Zachor, the Shabbat of Remembering. It falls each year on the Shabbat just before Purim. On this day, we're supposed to remember a guy named Amalek who really had it out for the Jews. So much so that he attacked us from behind when we were escaping Egypt and killed many of our elderly and children - not a pleasant memory.

One of the amazing gifts that we teachers have is the capacity to help create meaningful memories. When I think about what I want your children to remember when they look back on their preschool years it really comes down to one thing - love. I hope that they remember that they were (and are) loved; by their teachers and by me.

If they can hold onto that feeling; know that they are special and holy and remember the kindness, support, and encouragement that they receive from each of our teachers, then they will have received a precious gift.

When each of my four girls were born I wrote them each a lullaby. When we were expecting my eldest, Dalia (23 years ago - oy!) I searched for what I wanted her to really know and to remember for her entire life. I decided that it was, in fact, really simple - I wanted her to always remember that she was loved and so her song was entitled, "You Are Loved."

Please God, she, my other daughters and all of my "adopted children" here at Gan Sinai know and feel that love and will remember it for years to come.

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