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We Built This

Coming Up:

  • Friday, March 10 is Ms. Anat's PK3 Family Shabbat at 9:45am

  • Friday, March 24 is Ms. Esther's PK3 Family Shabbat at 9:45am

  • We're still working on when our Playground Official opening ceremony will be - stay tuned!


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From Rabbi David

Thank goodness, construction on our playground is back under way after a frustrating delay. As the kids watch the workers I keep telling them that we are building this all together. It wouldn't have happened without all of us.

As it turns out, this week's Torah portion, Terumah, recounts how God tells Moses to get all of the Israelites to donate toward the building of the Mishkan (the Tabernacle) that would lead them through the wilderness. Just like with our playground, Moses received so many donations he was overwhelmed.

It's instructive that God asked the Israelites for donations. Surely God didn't need their help. Afterall, this is God we're talking about. Nonetheless, God knew the power of building something all together.

Thank you for helping us build something holy here at Gan Sinai. Truly - We Built This!

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