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Up'ing Our Purim Game

Coming Up:

  • Tomorrow, Friday, March 22nd is our Gan Sinai community Purim celebration from 9:30am-11:30am. 11:30am dismissal for TGS and PK2. Regular dismissal for PK3, PK4 and K.

  • Saturday, March 23rd is our Temple Sinai community Purim celebration from 5pm-7pm. RSVP at

  • Friday, March 29th is Ms. Esther's PK3 Family Shabbat


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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

Last time I was in Israel for Purim was before I can remember. Then, this week, my daughter sent me pictures of some of the Purim celebrations happening on her base outside of Tel Aviv.

A few of our Israeli parents have been nudging me for a few years to up our Purim game here at Gan Sinai and I don't think I understood what they were missing until I saw the photos and videos my daughter sent me. Purim in Israel is CRAZY FUN!

And let's not forget that Israel is still in the middle of a terrible war with over 130 of its citizens still hostage in Gaza; with Hezbolah threatening from the north; and violent attacks continuing in the east of the country.

And yet, even in this painful time, Israel remembers the importance of finding joy and light in the darkness.

If you have been feeling some of that darkness and pain, whether because of what is happening around the world or because of something happening in your own world - I want to invite you to come and find some of that joy and light with us tomorrow morning at our Gan celebration and Saturday afternoon at our temple celebration. We need more smiles and silliness; light and joy in the world and Israel shows us, each year on Purim, how to find it.

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