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STorah Telling


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From Rabbi David

Stories help us make sense of our world. When we hear a story our imaginations conjure up images and our creative juices naturally begin to flow imagining what might happen next.

Our children don't just hear stories they create them. Every toy, every game, and every interaction is the beginning of a new story. Our children imagine and create new worlds by crafting their own narratives.

This past Monday we celebrated Shavuot, the holiday of not just story-telling but sTorah-telling. The Torah is the story of the Jewish people. Every word and letter of the Torah is an invitation to see ourselves in the history of our people. But the real power of sTorah-telling isn't just in seeing ourselves in the stories of our past but in imagining where our story will lead us next. Empowering your children to see themselves as sTorah-tellers is one of our most sacred responsibilities. Every day we help your children find their own Jewish language and nurture their creativity so that as they grow, they can contribute to our shared narrative.

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