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Stick Your Landing


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From Rabbi David

This past Shabbat was my youngest daughter's Bat Mitzvah. She celebrated at mincha (the afternoon service) on Shabbat which means that she actually read this week's Torah portion, B'har.

She spoke about taking leaps. For her, as a cheerleader, this means literally flying through the air. For the parsha, it means taking leaps of faith. In either case the hardest part, it seems, is sticking the landing.

The challenge of sticking the landing when taking a leap of faith is spotting the landing zone. You see, it's very easy to leap toward and put your faith in a false God. The parsha actually warns us about that at the very end. There are so many things that are trying to convince us that they are worthy of our faith - power, money, fame. Knowing how to avoid these and put your faith in God (sticking the proverbial landing) takes intention. I pray that my daughter sticks every landing, both physical and spiritual.

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