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Speaking the Same Language


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From Rabbi David

There is something so precious and beautiful about how different all of our children are. As I walk through the halls I see children with light and dark complexions, speaking different languages, sporting different styles, following different passions and interests, asking their own questions, and growing into unique individuals.

Reading the story of the Tower of Babel, in this week's parsha, reminds us that while we should all strive for unity, it is our differences that make us holy and beautiful. Had our plans to build a tower to the heavens not been thwarted by God by diversifying our languages so we could not communicate easily, we might never have been able to do the sacred work of learning from and about each other.

Having to work to understand one another and our differences makes the world a more complicated place. It also makes it a more beautiful and rich place. By hearing different languages, seeing different faces, learning from others who are different, and working together to understand what unites us - your children gain the richest possible appreciation for the Divine differences in each of us. And we, your children's teachers, are reminded when we witness the magical diversity that makes up our community, that God created each of us to be fully ourselves. And that is a lesson we strive to teach your children everyday.

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