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Pure Joy


  • Tomorrow is Purim and we're celebrating with our Grandfriends. Learn more and sign your grandfriends up at Here's the schedule:

9:30am Purim Parade

10:00-10:30 All School Shabbat

10:30-10:45 TGS

10:45-11:00 PK2

11:00-11:15 PK3

11:15-11:30 PK4

Get all the latest info and links at

From Rabbi David


I just got to take a walk with one of our TGS kiddos who was having a hard time sleeping. At every turn she found something amazing, something that brought wonder to her eyes. That pure joy is something we adults would do well to learn from our little teachers. To be able to see the world as our playground; to see each leaf and bug as a miracle; to marvel at a car or truck; to find excitement in new faces and new experiences.

Purim comes to wake us up from the dark slumber of the winter months and shine a light on the joy that is there to be found in the world. Being silly, laughing, and having fun are not children's activities, they are are vital Jewish values and practices that we must find even in challenging times.

Tomorrow, when we celebrate Purim, I'm sure there will be plenty of silliness and lots of laughs. Embrace your child's silly side and listen to their laughter - they are teaching us an important lesson.

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