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Every day, we watch your children explore the world around them, discover new and exciting things and ask wonderful, deep questions. This all stems from the purposeful play that we do here at Gan Sinai. We actually have a unique approach to play that we call the PEDI-Approach. PEDI stands for Play, Explore, Discover, and Inquire.

The PEDI-Approach stems from scholarship best summed up in an article from three early childhood experts at

Involvement in play stimulates a child’s drive for exploration and discovery. This motivates the child to gain mastery over their environment, promoting focus and concentration. It also enables the child to engage in the flexible and higher-level thinking processes deemed essential for the 21st century learner. These include inquiry processes of problem solving, analyzing, evaluating, applying knowledge and creativity.

You probably see your children engaged in PEDI-play at home. Keep an eye out for what they are exploring and discovering and the questions they are asking so you can build upon that and deepen their learning and growth. You can learn more about our PEDI-Approach to play-based learning at


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