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  • This Friday, May 13th is Parent-Teacher Conferences. You can either come on site or join over Zoom (just go to and click on the blue Zoom link at the top of the page. Use the passcode: ganathome)

  • Thursday, May 19th is our community wide Lag B'Omer Family picnic. Come celebrate a great year!

  • Saturday, May 21st is our last Playground Shabbat of the school year from 10am-12pm.

  • Want to celebrate your child's birthday at school? We can help at

  • Thank you for signing in and out each day on the Famly app

  • Sign up for hot lunch is available at Last day to sign up for next week is Sunday at noon.

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From Rabbi David

I am not a patient person. It's one of my greatest weaknesses. In this week's parsha, the Israelites learn that upon entering the land of Israel, they will be able to work the land (planting and harvesting) for six years but then have to stop for the entirety of every seventh year.

Had I lived as an ancient Israelite this would have bothered me on two levels: First of all, why are you telling me this now when we're no where near the land of Israel. It's like telling me that I'm going to get a great gift but I have to wait to get it. I'm not good at waiting.

And speaking of waiting. I'll have to sit patiently for an entire year before I can plant and harvest my land. For someone like me this seems like a recipe for disaster.

I wish I had gone to a school like Gan Sinai where we teach our children how important it is to have patience - with others and with yourself. Giving yourself and others space and time to reflect, think, listen and learn is one of the greatest gifts we can give. It's a gift I still need to give myself and one that would be handy as an ancient Israelite in this week's portion.

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