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Our Broken Pieces

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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

This week in parshat Ki Tisa, we read about the golden calf and Moses breaking the tablets. Don't worry - as we all know, Moses goes back up the mountain to get another set. But it's what happens to the first set that he broke that I find inspiring.

The Talmud explains that the first set of broken tablets were not buried as we usually do with ruined sacred objects - but, instead, were placed in the Ark and carried along side the whole tablets. It is as if to say that the stories of how we are broken are just as vital as the stories of how we are whole.

We all carry around broken pieces from our past with us. Our cracks, broken pieces, and jagged edges are important parts of who we are becoming. Some of us wear them as a badge of pride, others keep them private and learn from them. Some of us cling to them and see ourselves, even our greatest successes, always through the cracks of our broken pieces. The Torah, I think, teaches us this week that we cannot avoid our brokenness and that if we allow it - it can hold a sacred place in our lives.

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