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No Words


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From Rabbi David

I don't have any words for what is happening in Israel right now - only tears. I know we have many Israeli families and many families with family and friends in Israel. I pray that everyone is safe.

As a Jewish early learning center, engendering a love of Israel is a critical aspect of who we are. We also teach your children everyday, in small ways, about justice and fairness. The only thing I know for sure is that there is a tremendous lack of love and justice in our world right now.

With God's help, we will see an end to this violence. But let us not forget that a lack of violence does not equate to the presence of peace. There is much work to be done - for now I just want Israeli and Palestinian children to be able to go to bed unafraid.

On behalf of the entire community I want to send my love to all of our Israeli Gan Sinai family members. We love you and we stand with you.

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