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New Faces, New Friends

Coming Up:

  • There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 15 for MLK day

  • 2nd Semester Enrichment starts on Tuesday, January 16th

  • Wednesday, January 17th is picture day for TGS and PK3

  • Thursday, January 18th is picture day for PK2, PK4 and K

  • Friday, January 19th is Ms. Gina's PK2 Family Shabbat

  • Saturday, January 20th is our next Playground Shabbat

  • Friday, January 26th is Ms. Shirley's PK2 Family Shabbat


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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

There is a desperate need in our world to learn to see others who are different from us as beautiful and holy - made in the image of God. This is where my mind goes each year as I remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Beyond racial equality, Dr. King was teaching us how to look at each person, not as an "other", but as a vital part, with me and everyone else, of the whole. I think that's why I love when we get to welcome new friends to our school and community. Our community is not complete without each and every child and family.

This week we welcomed a number of new families from TGS all the way through Kindergarten. What a gift it is to see each child finding their way in their new classroom and amongst their new friends. And what a blessing it is to be able to celebrate the way each child is unique and how each brings a new light to our learning community.

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