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My Bar Mitzvah

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From Rabbi David

39 years ago I stood on the bimah and became a bar mitzvah. And yes, I'm the kid who cared more about the service than the party. In fact, my party was pretty lame (my grandmother on piano was the entertainment.)

I don't remember much about my Bar Mitzvah. I don't remember what I spoke about in my d'var Torah (words of teaching) nor do I remember what the rabbi said to me. And yet, every year when I see the Torah portion Vayakheil come around (that's this Shabbat) I'm standing right back on that bimah at Brith Shalom Keneseth Israel in St. Louis again.

I honestly believe that 85%, maybe even 90% of my job as a rabbi and Jewish educator is to help people create positive Jewish memories. If our children, and we, can craft positive Jewish memories then I tend to think that everything else just falls into place. I hope that's a lot of the work that we do here at Temple Sinai every day.

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