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Jews Just Wanna Have Fun

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From Rabbi David

I'm worried. I'm worried that more Jews beat their chests on Yom Kippur than dance on Simchat Torah. I'm concerned that more Jews fast on Yom Kippur than have a drink on Simchat Torah. I'm don't deny the transformative potential of Yom Kippur but let's be honest - it's a bit of a drag.

Simchat Torah, on the other hand, is all joy - all celebration. Why isn't Simchat Torah just as big if not bigger than Yom Kippur?

When I was growing up, we were told to live Jewishly and engage with the Jewish community so Hitler wouldn't win. Living in the shadow of the Shoah meant that our identities as Jews was bound up in the pain of the past. But I wanted to celebrate my Jewishness, not see it as the antidote to trauma. I wanted Jewish living to be about joy and gladness. I wanted more Simchat Torah!

If you marked Yom Kippur but don't celebrate Simchat Torah - trust me - you are missing out. Maybe I'm a chassid at heart but I believe that Jews just wanna have fun and that joy and celebration are the secret to bringing God into your life. So...I hope you'll come on Saturday night and have a little fun with me.

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