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I Will Make Mistakes


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From Rabbi David

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful week! Thank you all for trusting us with your precious children. Their smiles and even their tears are beautiful and holy.

This Saturday night is Selichot - when we begin, in earnest, the process of teshuvah - repentance. There are very few things I know for sure in life but one of them is that I will make a number of mistakes this year.

I will say the wrong thing, give the wrong answer, not give proper attention, not be present, and more. I don't believe in false apologies so I can't apologize in advance for these mistakes but I do hope you know that they are never intentional. Please tell me if I wrong you in any way so I can make it right. We are only as strong as our weakest link and when I am that link I hope you will allow me to strengthen myself and do right by you and our community.

Rabbi David

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