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I See You!


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From Rabbi David

Throughout this week's Torah portion, Vayera, the eyes of all of the characters are opened and they see one another and are seen by others. Abraham sees the three strangers approaching; Lot sees the two angels; Sarah sees Hagar's son; Hagar sees the well of water; Abraham sees the place where he will offer Isaac as a sacrifice; God is seen; and more.

Each morning one of the blessings in our siddur (prayerbook) thanks God for opening our eyes. There are so many times when we don't truly see others or even things that are right in front of us. There are even more times when we don't feel seen by others.

One of the things we teach our children is how to see others - their needs and feelings. We do this by working everyday to make sure that every child feels seen, heard, and respected by their teachers. What a precious lesson to teach - that you are seen and worthy of being seen.

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