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I'm Getting Too Old for This

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From Rabbi David

When I returned from temple after Yom Kippur and walked into my garage my broken down sukkah was sitting there staring at me. About 15 long metal pieces, a bunch of wood, the wrap-around fabric walls and a ton of bamboo mats for the roof - all just waiting to be put together for another Sukkot.

I think I'm getting too old for this. The shlepping alone from my garage to the side of my house is enough to wipe me out for the day. But later this week I'm happy to report that I did find the strength to build that sukkah once again.

The funny thing is that between the five sukkot that we have here at Temple Sinai - I won't spend a lot of time at all in the one that I built. I never do. But every year I shlep everything out of the garage and build it again. I think for me - the effort to build the sukkah is just as important as eating or sleeping in the sukkah. It's a bit like climbing Masada in Israel. Sure you can take the cable car up but the experience at the top is completely different when you put a little extra effort into it.

Your kids will be spending lots of time in the sukkot here at temple next week and I hope that you will all hang with us in the sukkah this Sunday at our Sukkot Family Fall Festival. On the off chance that you want to expend just a little bit of extra energy to build your own sukkah here's a great resource with a bunch of options:

Trust're not too old.

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