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Hidden Miracles


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From Rabbi David

Sefer Hachinuch, a book of teachings from the 13th century, teaches that there are both visible and hidden miracles. The miracles of Purim, for example, are hidden miracles - that is to say - they aren't Hollywood quality like the splitting of the sea, but they are miraculous in more secretive ways.

The rabbis (Shemot Rabbah 24:1) build upon this idea and suggest that a hidden miracle is sometimes hidden simply because we don't see what happens as miraculous. In other words - we have the capacity to see an ordinary occurrence as extra-ordinary and even miraculous.

Watching your children grow each day is the perfect example of something that might seem, at first glance, as ordinary - after all, isn't that the normal course of growing up? But if we put on our Purim glasses for a moment it allows us to see each child's growth as truly sacred and even as a hidden miracle. Today, especially, I am thankful to God for all of the miracles in our world - those that are seen and those that are hidden.

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