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Growth Mentality


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From Rabbi David

Friday, April 30 is Lag B'Omer, the 33rd day of the Omer. The Omer is the period of time between Passover and Shavuot when we count the days until receiving the Torah. The Torah instructs us:

“You shall count from the eve of the second day of Pesach, when an omer of grain is to be brought as an offering, seven complete weeks. The day after the seventh week of your counting will make fifty days, and you shall present a new meal offering to God (Leviticus 23:15-16).”

What's beautiful to me about the counting of the Omer is the emphasis on process. Counting each day reminds us to have a growth mentality: Just because you're out of Egypt doesn't mean that you are completely free. Freedom and growth are a process and every day you can do a little more to move toward your goal.

In a world of next-day shipping and on-demand video its easy to get caught up in "I want it now." If I can't get what I want immediately then it isn't worth the effort. Counting the Omer comes to encourage us to think, not only of the destination but also of the joy of each step on the way there.

Watching your children grow each day is the greatest joy we teachers have. We know they aren't finished with their growth (in fact, they are just getting started). But seeing them move ahead in their journey, just a little every day; watching them make each day count, is what learning and freedom are all about.

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