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Free To Be Silly

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  • Tomorrow, Friday, January 19th is Ms. Gina's PK2 Family Shabbat

  • Tomorrow, Friday, January 19th is class picture day. Please wear your green Gan Sinai shirts!

  • Saturday, January 20th is our next Playground Shabbat

  • Friday, January 26th is Ms. Shirley's PK2 Family Shabbat


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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

One of the reasons I love working with children is that they remind us how important it is to be silly. So much of my day is spent with "important" and "serious" things that I need reminders from time to time about the importance of smiles, laughter, playfulness and silliness. We don't have to be bound to the serious world all the time. It's okay to take a break and just let it all hang out.

Especially in our crazy world - a world filled with modern-day plagues of terrorism and hatred - we need to watch our children and learn from them that we are, indeed, free to be silly.

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