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Follow the Leader


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  • Sign up for November hot lunch is now available at

  • This Saturday, October 16th is our first Playground Shabbat from 10am-12pm. Bring your friends, play on our playground - share Shabbat!

  • Next Thursday, October 21st, join Rabbi David in the Gan at Home Zoom room as he sings your children (and you) to sleep.

  • Next Friday, October 22nd is Ms. Lauren's PK4 Shabbat. Parents are invited to join us outside at the Sisterhood patio at 9:45am.

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From Rabbi David

Every once in a while I get to hang out with your kiddos and I have the habit of letting them lead me around the school. Wherever they want to go, I follow their lead. I love encouraging their independence and letting them know that I trust them.

Trusting others doesn't come easy for all of us, especially if we've been burnt in the past. In this week's Torah portion, Abraham is challenged to trust God to lead him. Abraham doesn't know exactly where he is going and doesn't have any experience following God - he's literally putting all of his trust in God and this trust leads him to the most wonderful destination - the Promised Land.

Sometimes, it's when we least expect it and when we are most trusting (like being led around by God or a child) that we have the most valuable and memorable journeys.

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