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Coming Up:

  • School resumes on Monday, January 8. We're excited to welcome our new friends!

  • There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 15 for MLK day

  • Wednesday, January 17th is picture day for TGS and PK3

  • Thursday, January 18th is picture day for PK2, PK4 and K

  • Friday, January 19th is Ms. Gina's PK2 Family Shabbat

  • Saturday, January 20th is our next Playground Shabbat

  • Friday, January 26th is Ms. Shirley's PK2 Family Shabbat


  • Don't forget to check your prior orders and order hot lunch for second semester at

  • This is your last chance to take advantage of the early enrollment discount and to guarantee your child's spot at Gan Sinai next year. Enroll today at 

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From Rabbi David

Children riding bikes

I've never been a big fan of fireworks. They've always seemed to me to be a glorification of explosions that come in times of war. So I wasn't surprised when this image popped up on my social feeds showing that at midnight on New Year's eve in Israel there were indeed rockets flying toward Israel and explosions overhead.

I've always worried about the messages some of our more innocuous traditions and pastimes send to our children (and to us). That's why my children never had so much as a water gun. I don't want my children pretending to shoot another person. I don't want them to think its a game.

And so I've worried about fireworks - to our children they are just colorful, bright and beautiful (and sometimes too loud). To me, especially this year, they symbolize something far more dangerous. I wonder if there is anything that you have wanted to shield your children from even when the rest of the world seems to embrace it.

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