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Finding Freedom


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From Rabbi David

All week I've been watching your children learn about Passover - the symbols, the story, and the BIG ideas. One of my favorite teachings about Passover is in answer to the question, why did God need two messengers to save the Israelites from Egypts - Moses and Aaron? Wouldn't one have been enough?

In answering this question, Rabbi Samuel Mohilever (1824 – 1898) taught that Moses was sent to take the Jews out of Egypt and Aaron was sent to take the Egypt out of the Jews.

What a beautiful teaching. Growth and change is not easy. We can move from one place to another but still carry with us the old habits, the ways of thinking and the old traditions. Freedom for us Jews means more than just not being in a place of servitude - it means eliminating any remnants of servitude from our hearts and minds.

Freedom is not free - it takes effort on our part to recognize the ways in which we are stuck in the past and resisting growth. I pray that we all find the resiliency to find our own freedom this year.

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