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Find Our Joy

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  • This Friday, February 17 is Ms. Lauren's PK4 Family Shabbat at 9:45am

  • NO SCHOOL on Monday, February 20 - Happy President's Day


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From Rabbi David

This weekend we will bless the new month of Adar. There's a famous saying when this month arrives: Mishenichnas Adar Marbim b'Simcha "Whoever welcomes the month of Adar is filled with joy." Adar is associated with joy because the holiday of Purim is celebrated in Adar.

I grew up in the generation that was taught to live Jewishly because of the Holocaust. "If we abandon our Judaism, the Nazis win" - I was told. I always struggled with the idea of living Jewishly in response to pain and evil. I wanted to live Jewishly because it was joyful and brought meaning into my life. I think that's why I gravitated to working with children. A child's joy is palpable and infectious. Children are able to find joy in the smallest things.

We get so caught up in the pain and strife in our world and in our lives - it would do us some good to follow our children's lead and bless this new month of Adar and, in so doing, find our joy again!

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