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Faith in Ourselves


  • End-of-Year Class parties are on June 8th and 9th.

    • TGS - Tuesday at 11:15am

    • PK3 - Tuesday at 12:15pm

    • PK2 - Wednesday at 11:15am

    • PK4 - Wednesday at 12:15pm

  • PK4 Graduation is on Thursday, June 10th in the Social Hall (

    • Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Elena's class is at 9:30am

    • Ms. Lauren and Ms. Maria's class is at 11am

  • Decorate your car for our last carpool of the year on Thursday, June 10th at 12:15pm

  • There's still time to sign up for Camp Sinai at!

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From Rabbi David

As the ancient Israelites stood at the edge of the Promised Land, God told them to send scouts in to see what the land offered. The scouts returned with a mixed message: The land is great but we're afraid.

All ends and new beginnings bring with them great excitement and some fear. Many understand that the lesson we are to learn from this week's portion is to have faith in God - that God will guide us and help us on our journey. There is something interesting in the portion though. When God tells the Israelites to send spies, God says, "Sh'lach l'cha - send for yourself." It's as if God is saying, "even though you may worry that you aren't ready or that you aren't up to the challenge - I have faith in you. Go ahead and send scouts for your own sake but know that I don't think you need to. You are ready for this next phase of your life's journey."

We spend lots of time thinking about whether or not we believe in God. I think this week's Torah portion, and maybe this moment in your children's lives, is more about believing in ourselves. Your children have everything they need for the next step on their journey. You do too. (Each transition at this age is as much about us as parents as it is about our children.) Regardless of how you imagine God - God imagines you (and all of us) as infinitely capable and up to whatever task lies before us. The real question is - do we share God's faith in us.

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