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From Rabbi David

Parshat Miketz is all about dreams. Pharaoh has dreams that he can't understand and Joseph comes to interpret them for him. In many ways, Chanukah is also about dreams - dreams of a brighter world where no one is left in the dark and we are all able to shine brightly.

Some of you already know that my middle daughter, Ayelet (Yelli), is fulfilling one of her dreams this coming Wednesday as she departs on a flight to make aliyah to Israel. She will be part of the Garin Tzabar program enlisting in the Israeli army later this spring.

I remember, before I had children, wondering what my dreams for them were. I knew I wanted them to feel loved, to find their passions, and to feel fulfilled. I knew I wanted them to feel deeply rooted in Judaism and have a love for Israel. I don't remember dreaming of my children moving to Israel but, honestly, I may have. Back then I was young and naive. I would have never considered the heart ache I am feeling now knowing that my daughter is moving half way around the world.

Don't get me wrong - I'm thrilled and so proud of her. I know she will be safe and fulfilled. I just can't get my head around having to say "goodbye" in less than a week. And yes, I know that we can see each other and talk everyday on WhatsApp but still - this feels big, almost overwhelming.

Perhaps the greatest challenge as a parent is allowing your child to follow their dreams even when it takes them far away from you. I remember how hard it was for me to leave my girls at preschool and I know how much I'm struggling still today. And yet, this is also the greatest gift we can give them. May all of our children follow their dreams - wherever it leads them.

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