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Content of Character


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From Rabbi David

A number of years ago at another school I worked at, we implemented a Tikkun Midot (character development) curriculum for our kids. We created the character development "periodic chart" below assigning Jewish values to each element of character that we wanted to celebrate and learn about.

Character development begins at the youngest ages as children copy how their parents, older siblings, teachers and friends behave. We see your children growing in their courage, wisdom, curiosity, and leadership every day. While we get to model for them during school hours, the example you provide your children is even more important. Our children look to all of us to know how to react to setbacks; how to celebrate successes; how to be patient; how to keep perspective and how to make learning a lifelong endeavor.

As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend, we redouble our efforts to celebrate our children, support them as they develop their own character traits, and strive to set the best examples we can.

Character Development Periodic Table

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