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Chag Sameiach!


  • Join Rabbi David for a "Silly Seder" on Sunday, March 28th at 5pm in the Gan at Home Zoom room. RSVP here.

  • School is out for Passover Break from March 29-April 2.

  • Order hot lunch for April and the rest of the year at

  • Camp Sinai registration is open at!

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From Rabbi David

What must it have been like to be an ancient Israelite: To be a slave to a brutal taskmaster and then freed by a Being we could not see but could feel imminently? What must it have been like to stand at the edge of the Reed Sea, waiting - hoping for a miracle? What must it have been like to wander for months in the scorching heat, not knowing what threats we might encounter along the way? What must it have been like to stand at the foot of Mount Sinai and experience God "up close and personal"?

These are the questions we think about on Passover. Pesach isn't about reading out of a book and suffering through yet another piece of matzah. Pesach is about imagining and, indeed, experiencing what it must have been like to be an ancient Israelite.

This experiential learning that we do on Passover has become the model for early and elementary education. The more our children can touch, see, hear, taste, smell, and feel - the more they will learn and remember.

On this Passover, I hope that your senses are full of amazing experiences that bring you back to those days in the wilderness - escaping slavery and imagining true freedom. I pray that this holiday is more than just another ritual-filled dinner, and that it becomes a re-living of the timeless and enduring story of our struggle to bring freedom to all those oppressed and hope to those living in darkness.

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