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Chag Ha'Aviv


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From Rabbi David

One of the things I miss about living up north is the changing of the seasons. When Passover comes around in Massachusetts you really appreciate why it is called Chag Ha'Aviv - the Spring Festival.

The days start to warm up, colors begin to return to the foliage. It's really quite magical. In so many ways, Passover, our re-birth as a free people is the perfect holiday to celebrate in the spring season of re-birth. It is also a reminder that every day contains within it the capacity to be a moment of re-birth and renewal.

We strive to teach our children the value of growing every day (that's why we're a "gan" - a garden in Hebrew). To see our lives as a constant opportunity for re-birth, re-discovery and renewal is a blessing that Passover reminds us of each year.

I pray that your Passover is joyful, meaningful and inspiring to you as you find ways to renew your lives and the lives of your families.

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